South Point Cemetery Near Orrick Missouri


Basket of Graves

According to there are over 3,000 interments in this cemetery which was established in the 1840s. The older part of the cemetery is located on a a steep hill, lending a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.
Green Grass in JanuaryGrave Nest

It seemed a lonely place on the cold, winter day I visited. Not a soul came to place a flower or pay tribute to a loved one. The grass was still green, odd in January, and spine covered weeds hugged the ground; they grew in clusters around the lichen covered gravestones.

This was my first experience using shaving cream to better reveal the old stones. I had on a pair of soft gloves which quickly disintegrated as I wiped the rough headstones trying to leave a smooth coating of Noxema shave cream in order fill the carvings in the stone. The technique worked very well for revealing the text on old stones. Needless to say, however, my hands were very cold and wet in fairly short order; think I’ll look for some type of mason’s tool for next time. I stuck it out though for about three hours walking nearly the entire large cemetery.

I did find a few photo requests and got some great exercise on those hills. The migrating snow geese were a wonderful bonus. This is the second grave hunt in a row in which I have been surrounded by thousands of birds. Puts one in mind of transmigration of the soul.

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